Friday, January 15, 2010

Mascara Tips & Tricks

Mascara is a really great way for anyone to make their eyes and daily look pop! Sometimes such a simple thing can become difficult or time consuming, if you don't have the proper techniques or knowledge. So here I am to give you some tips and tricks that will make mascara your best friend!!

Mascara Knowledge Tips & Tricks

1. What Mascara is good for you?
Make sure you are using a mascara that suits your needs and eyes themselves. If you want length, go for a lengthening mascara.. or fullness, find something that is volumizing. This may seem obvious but I've seen many women using a mascara that someone told them they loved, which may not work for them as it does for their friend.

Also, make sure the type of mascara you are using, has a brush that suits your eyes. If you have very small eyes and tiny lashes, then you should stay away from large and thick brushes. Try to find a brush that is smaller so it will get to those little lashes.
2. Colouring
Make sure you find a mascara colour that suits you. Don't wear 'blackest black' just because you think that is the best. Sometimes a brown mascara works for some people better then a black. It all depends on your colouring and the effect you are going for.

Also, don't shy away from coloured mascaras. (blue or purple for instance) Sometimes, that is exactly what you need to really make your eyes or the look you are going for pop.

Have fun and try lots of mascaras out to discover what suits you best.

3. Life of Mascara
Mascaras are only suppose to be kept for a maxium of 6 months!! Make sure you follow these guildlines. If you keep a mascara longer then is recommended you could be using a product that is technically unsafe due to the bacteria in it. As well, when a mascara starts drying out you will find that it creates clumpy and flaky lashes which are not attractive at all.
Also, don't pump your mascara wand in the tube, this will put extra air into the mascara and will not only dry it out faster but will add extra bacteria into the product too.

Mascara Applying Tips & Tricks
1. Curl your lashes
If you really want your lashes to stand out, invest in a good eyelash curler. I recommend Shu Uemura. This may not be a step everyone likes or wants to do but it can really change the look of your lashes. At least try it out if you never have given an eyelash curler a chance :)

2. Primer
Using a primer can give your lashes a base for the mascara to really do its job. There are lots of mascaras that come with this option or you can buy a primer on its own too.

3. Best way to apply mascara
*Make sure you clean off any extra mascara off the wand that may create clumping*

First, coat the back of your lashes! This is something that is always forgotten and really makes a difference. It helps thicken your lashes and also covers up any eyeshadow fall-out that may have happened.

Next, start off at the base of your lashes and wiggle the brush back and forth, this technique will give lots of volume and will seperate your lashes with ease.

Then, what I like to do, is blink slowly while continuing to wiggle the brush up through your lashes.

Keep doing this until you have coated your lashes to your liking.

As for you bottom lash line, to keep them looking natural and not clumpy, right after you finish your top lashes, coat your bottom ones lightly. Don't dip back into the mascara tube.

4. Getting rid of clumps
If you find you have a few clumps, you can either take a pointed pair of tweezers and seperate the lashes that are clumped or take a disposable spoolie and lightly comb through your lashes.

Remember, if you have clumping, you will want to take care of it before your mascara fully dries.
5. Need Length & Volume?
There is nothing wrong with mixing mascaras! If you find a lenghtening and volumizing mascara that you love... use them both!! Just make sure if you do you are applying the second kind while the first one is still wet.

6. More then one coat
If you like to use more then one coat of mascara, make sure you apply the second coat quickly. Do not let the first coat dry! This will create clumping and flaking.

7. Mascara oopsie?
If you get mascara on your your lid or under your eye... do not fret. Just continue applying your mascara and wait for the oopsie to dry. If you try to clean it up right away, it will just smudge everywhere. If you have makeup remover and a q-tip you can clean it up right away but for a quick fix, just let it dry and it will come off nicely just by lightly scraping it off with your finger nail.

So there are some tips and tricks!! Hope you all enjoyed :)

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