Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 Monogram Pendant

So here it is!! A dupe of a designer 3 monogram pendant!!

I have been eyeing the Jennifer Zeuner 3 initial monogram pendant for some time now. I saw it on Lauren Conrad quite some time ago and just fell in love with the look of it. Unfortunately, the price was quite a deterant... I really wanted the large 3 inital pendant which is $242 but I
just didn't want to spend that much so off I was... in search of a more reasonable option!! Well after some time... I found it!!!
I got this off of Etsy, I know... surprise surprise! I am Etsy obsessed :D
The sellers store is called Elygoldart. He does some amazing hand made jewelry which you guys will see if you go to his site.

As soon as I put in my order, told him the 3 letters I wanted and paid for the monogram, Ely sent me this layout on the left to show me what I would get. It was wonderful to see it before he made the real thing which is shown on the right :D

All you have to do is go to Ely's shop on Etsy and send him a message as all orders are custom!!

Now I will get into pricing...


If you want just a 1 inch monogram you can get it at .85MM thick and it will cost you $48
Anything larger then a 1 inch monogram must be done in 1.2MM Sterling Silver so it is more strong due to the size.
You can also get the 1 inch done in 1.2 MM and that will cost $62
For a 1 1/4 inches monogram it is $85
For a 1 1/2 inches monogram it is $95 (this is the one I got!!!)
2 inches $165
3 inches $310
You can get monograms anywhere between 1 and 3 inches and he can quote you for any size I haven't mentioned but at least you get the drift of pricing!
*chain for the pendants are included in this pricing*

To me, these prices are amazing considering Ely makes everything by hand with little tools!! Just amazing to me!

You get to pick the 3 letters you want. Traditionally, he recommends your last name be the middle letter. I decided not to use my last name letter, B, in my monogram though because I have two middle names so I just went in order of that AJA. It is totally up to you what letters you want and in what order though.

As for Gold Pricing... Ely quoted how much the monogram I got would be. I have a 1 1/2 inch one and for 14k it would be about $410 and for a thicker 14k it would be $530. I know this seems expensive but he uses pure 14k gold so you are paying for that.
You could go smaller and ask him about pricing for that though or just stick with the reasonably priced Sterling Silver!!

Here are some examples of other 3 initial monograms Ely has done. As you can see they typically come with one loop at the top for the chain so if you want two, like I have, you must request that. :D

Here is another design he has done in the past. It is more square shaped so you can request that. There is also another thing about this example that he offers and that is the 3D desgin on this. You can see the carved in lines and if you are interested in this add on just ask Ely and he will quote the price depending on the size of the monogram. (for my sized monogram it was an extra $30 just to give you an idea)

If you guys have ANY questions... please feel free to let me know. Also, if you do order... let Ely know you found him through me, Ashley... not Bunzie13 lol because I'd love to know :D


  1. Thank you so much...Please please keep these ETSY finds coming!!!!

  2. WOW!I love so much those pendants .Thank you for the information.

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to ask that, is one loop ok or there is any benefit of having 2 loops? Does the chain sits better on 2 loops? Just wanted to know your opinion...:)

  4. Resham.. I will for sure keep the etsy finds coming and there isn't a benefit to having 2 loops really... I just wanted that look. I guess the bonus with having one is that you can keep the necklace on the chain Ely provides or if you want to switch it up on other chains you have to make it shorter or longer you can do that.
    Totally up to you, either way, the pendant is gorgeous!

  5. What is the length of your chain?

  6. Ely's prices have gone up! The same exact necklace you have it now 150.00 but I am still in love with this necklace and want to get one.....I am almost 40 and this would be a casual everyday necklace. So should I get the 1 1/2 inch or 1 1/4??? Is the .85 that much "flimsier" than the 1.2 mm???

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    1. www.elygoldart.com is where you could find ELY's beautiful monograms & other jewelry.

  8. my new website is www.elysnamenecklace.com
    My Etsy store has been closed for months -please make the changes.