Monday, October 25, 2010

Sigma MAXBAG!!!

Gimme Gimme Gimme!
Lol... I don't even know what else to say about this bag! It is truly gorgeous and the best part, HUGE!
Some time ago, Simone, the owner & amazing creator of Sigma, went and posted a picture of these bags on twitter. Instantly there were people saying how excited they were... including me. How can you go wrong with a massive makeup bag?! As much as when I travel, I like to travel light, I tend to feel like I am stuffing my makeup bags to the point of breaking them or I just pack a second makeup bag and I think the issue that brings me to that point is brushes... well guess what gorgeous ladies... this bag WILL fit your full Sigma brush roll! How exciting is that?
I'm not even going to lie, as big as this bag is I want more then one lol. It comes in this stunning Teal colour (must have for me) shown in the picture above as well as a Black (want it too) and then a really beautiful Violet colour.
This bag has that quilted look on the outside and is sleek and black on the inside (great for it to remain looking clean) as well as some little pockets on the inside for small things you don't want to get lost in amoungst the rest of your makeup. Another touch I love is the silver heart on the bottom corner with the Sigma logo on it... so cute!!
Make sure you check out the Sigma site for more information and to see some more pictures!
Hope you guys are as excited about this makeup bag as I am and will pick one or more up.
Remember... Christmas is coming and I think this would be an amazing gift to give to all the makeup loving ladies in your family or your friends!


  1. i want this blue adorable bag <3

    xoxo Christine