Friday, October 9, 2009

Bath & Body Works Wallflowers for Fall

I adore Bath & Body Works!! During the year I love their wallflowers in many scents.

Being that it's now fall I really wanted to find great scents that would make my house fell more warm and cozy (unlike the weather hehe)

I have found two amazing scents so far that you guys need to check out!

The first one being the Leaves Wallflower

It is such an amazing scent! I have it in my living room right now and makes the room so fallish.

It has so many hints of fall smells like apple, cinnamon and cider. (Which is also describe on the site)

If you love wallflowers, you'll love Leaves!

The second, and equally as amazing, scent I got is Vanilla Ginger

This one is so lovely! I have it in my bedroom and it really makes my room sweet and spicy.

I was concerned that it would be too sweet but because of the ginger in it, it is just perfect.

Easiest way to describe it would be vanilla gingerbread cookies. Mmmm!

There are a few other scents that I want to go back and try... Pumpkin Patch and Spiced Cider. I think they would equally be as amazing for fall!

But maybe I'll just hold off, use the two kinds I have now and wait for the Christmas scents to come out... Yay Christmas hahaha.

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