Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lush Christmas Haul

Here is my Christmas Lush Haul. I'm loving this line and the things I got! I can't wait to jump into the tub and try them all out.

Although you'd expect all the products to have Christmasy scents, Lush has really found some scents that will keep you warm and cozy throughout the Christmas and Winter season but can also work for the rest of the year.

First off I got Angel's Delight Soap! It's such a beautiful soap as you can see from the picture. Plus, the scent is amazing! So fruity and sparkly like citrus! I kind of want to taste it but I'm assuming that would be a bad idea hahaha.

I got one more soap from the Christmas collection called Snowcake Soap. I want to melt this one down and spread it on a cupcake!! It smells like a creamy almond icing. I can't wait to use this one, I used it in the store on my hands and it was awesome.

Then I got the Snow Fairy Shower Gel which is a bright pink colour! It smells like candy! To me, like Jelly Beans. I'm loving it and can't wait to try it in my hair too... yes, that's right. You can use this and even Lush's Ghost Shower Gel from the Halloween collection in your hair!!

On to my favourite thing! Bubble Bars :)

This one is called Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. It is so pretty with all the sparkles on it. To me it smells like fresh flowers but with a clean crisp scent! You have to smell it to understand!

Next I got the Gnome Bubble Bar! This little guy is so flipping cute. He has Chocolate Chips for eyes! This dude smells spicy to me, like cinnamon! I think I'm going to love it because cinnamon scents to me are so warming. I'm not using him till we get lots of snow and I need that extra warmth before bed!

Now onto Bath Bombs! This is called Lil' Lush Pud Bath Bomb and I can't help but love it just because it's so adorable. The sugar holly is so cute!! To me it smells very much like gingerbread and baked goods. It makes me hungry just smelling it hehe.

Then I got the Ciders Bath Bomb. This one I didn't think I was going to get but it just sounds so fun with the Pop Rocks in it. How could anyone resist having a champagne like sparkling bath. I can't wait to see them crackling in the tub. It smells fruity, like oranges!

This fun Bubble Bar is not part of the Christmas Collection but I got it because it was part of a 'spend so much money get a free bubble bar' promotion. It's called Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds. I did lean towards it because it was the most expensive Bubble Bar lol but I'm happy I chose it. It is suppose to be very calming and the scent is really nice.

Sorry this was so long but I was really excited about this purchase and to share this with all of you lovelies!!!

Hope you enjoyed. I'd love to hear what you picked up from this collection!!!

You can go to your local Lush store or visit Lush Online to purchase any of these items!


  1. how it's called that little green thing on the top of bath bomb with 3 red circles on 6th photo.