Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief Collection

So... at first I was excited about this collection but then when I saw it, I was quite disappointed.
For a person just starting to collect MAC, it's a great time to stock up on items but for those of you, like myself, who have tons of MAC already.. this collection was kind of a fail.
Do note that if you are actually purchasing collection items as gifts, they are awesome, especially the sets!

So here are the only two products I got:

MAC Mineralized Blush in Superduper-Natural. I'm loving this colour so far, it is, as it states,very Natural. It's a peachy tone that would look best on lighter to olive skin tones but would look amazing on darker skin tones as a highlight.
There was another blush called Conjure Up but it looked to mush like a deeper version of Gentle Mineralized Blush to me so I didn't get it.

The second thing I got:

Is the Soft Sparkle Eye Pencil in Iris Accents. It's so beautiful and the sparkles are definitely what drew me in. I kind of what to go back for the black one just because it's so fun and a great way to make a plain eyeliner have an extra bit of oomph!

That's it for the MAC 2009 Christmas Collection for me.

What did you all think of the Collection? What did you get?

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