Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sanitizing your Makeup

So ladies,

I know there is a lot of talk on keeping your makeup brushes clean, whether it be spot cleaning daily or deep cleaning, but you also have to remember to sanitize your other makeup products.

All you need is some Alcohol (70-91 %), a spray bottle, a little tupperware cup and some paper towels. It's so easy!

As a freelance makeup artist, I tend to sanitize my makeup more then the average person would because I need to keep all the bacteria and fun stuff like that out of all my produts. But if you are the only one who uses your makeup, you don't need to do this nearly as often as I do. Maybe once a month to every 3 months... depending on how much you feel it needs to be done or to your comfort needs.

It is definitely a good idea to sanitize any products you get from makeup swaps or if your friend gives you a product she doesn't like anymore... that kind of thing.

So even if you don't care to sanitize your makeup on a regular basis, at least you'll know how to if you need to at some point.

Check out my youtube channel for 2 parts to my sanitation tips and tricks :)

Bunzie13 ~ youtube channel


  1. Thanks for posting the videos. Will definitely sanitize my eyeshadow palettes with the alcohol/spray bottle method.

  2. THanks for subscribing! I'll be entering you in my giveaway!