Friday, October 9, 2009

GreasePaint Sticks Surprise

So for those of you that own MAC's GreasPaint Sticks, this is a reminder or maybe a surprise for some of you...

I know I wasn't told about this until I went to buy my second Paint Stick.

There is a sharpener on the bottom!!!!

The little ending that is coloured, like on this one..

can come out and be used to sharpen the product. I would recommend after each sharpening, you should clean it out because I'm sure it would get pretty icky and clogged up if you don't.

So that's all for now friends. Hope this reminded you of the awesome things MAC does to their product packaging or for some of you... open your eyes to something you didn't know you had :)
Did you guys know about this??


  1. hehe, whenever i get automatic eyeliners they first thing i do is see if the bottom comes off to see if there is a sharpener =)

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